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We are an online Aussie retailer selling only wireless interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. You can be sure that the wireless smoke detectors you buy from us are legally compliant to Australian Standard 3786:2014 – this standard encompasses the new legislation being rolled-out in Queensland.

QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation 2022

Video credit courtesy Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

How to pair your smoke alarm


90 Day Money Back Guarantee on Smoke Alarms
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Free Shipping Australia Wide
Barbara lesley
Barbara lesley
I chose Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Australia because reviews were easily accessible - unlike other companies. (The reviews were good too.) Their service has been tops - even interconnecting the alarms before sending them by Express Post so they arrived in time. They were easy to install. Do yourself a favour and choose this business as I did!
Albert Coleman
Albert Coleman
Arrived today - super fast delivery. Thanks!
Daniel Salay
Daniel Salay
The best thing about these alarms is that all the alarms in the bundle pack arrived already interconnected - saved a lot of time and hassle as I didn't need to muck around trying to pair them up with one another. Good website too.
Awesome quality product, thankyou! Recommended.
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith
Found these to be great alarms and very easy to install, highly recommend using these alarms
Natasha Bennett
Natasha Bennett
Very easy online ordering and fast delivery! I was able to install myself easily and the product is compliant and great quality. Very happy with the overall service from this company and highly recommend 🙂
Tamara Jones
Tamara Jones
Christian went over and above to help me in a bit of a jam. His instructions and pre connectivity made it a breeze to install the wireless alarms. His customer service is brilliant and I cannot recommend this company enough! Thanks again 🙂
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson
I don't normally leave reviews but these guys stood out so here we are. Excellent customer service, fast delivery. Overall experience dealing with these guys was rather pleasant.
matthew harris
matthew harris
Had to update with some new smoke alarms in my house. What I loved about these ones is that I could install them myself as they have a lithium battery inside and there is no electrical wiring required - saved a fortune right there. The build quality of the alarms is good and they are interconnected wirelessly which makes it very easy to do. Def recommend.
scott hunter
scott hunter
Excellent photoelectric smoke alarms. Because these ones have a lithium battery which lasts for 10 years I didn't need a sparky to wire them into household mains power either. Glad I found this company and intend to use again for my second property. Thanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not have a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shopfront. Our listed address is an administration office only and we do not keep stock at this location. Maintaining a 100% online presence allows us to keep overheads as low as possible – this is reflected in our smoke alarm pricing. Free shipping is also provided on all orders.

Yes! All alarms in a bundle pack can be split up. For example, you may want to split a 10 pack bundle into two separate network groups by having 6 alarms in one property and 4 alarms in another property (with each network group functioning independently of the other). It’s entirely up to you to decide during the pairing process in your home, after you receive the alarms.

Refer to our pairing video for more information on how to wirelessly interconnect the alarms.

The number of smoke alarms required is relative to the size, floor layout and what state the dwelling is located in. QLD law states that a smoke alarm must be installed;

  • on each storey
  • in each bedroom
  • in hallways that connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling
  • if there is no hallway, between the bedroom and other parts of the storey
  • if there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.

The example floorplan below was developed by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and depicts required smoke alarm locations within a dwelling – use this as a guide for determining your own requirements.

Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Placement Recommendations

The ‘recommended placement’ section of our website also contains more information.


Both brands comply to Australian Standard 3786:2014 and both brands are very good!

Red smoke alarms have a slightly longer network reach (30m) than the Premier Range (25m).

Red smoke alarms also manufacture a 240v mains powered version of their alarm – this is useful for some people who require a combination of battery operated and 240v mains powered alarms to communicate with one another on the same network.

Our Red smoke alarms are not compatible with Premier Range smoke alarms, and vice versa (i.e. different brands cannot be interconnected together).

No, as our alarms are battery operated (not hardwired to 240v mains power) they can be easily installed by yourself and do not require an electrician.

Please note however if you purchase one of our Red 240V hardwired smoke alarms then yes it will need to be installed by a Licensed Electrician.

Smoke Alarm Certification LaboratoriesYes, our alarms have been rigorously tested either by UL Underwriter Laboratories or TUV Rheinland Global Testing Laboratories and are certified by JAS-ANZ accreditation as being fully compliant to Australian Standard 3786:2014 (smoke alarms using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization).

Our alarms also have the “DO NOT PAINT” marking on the outside of the alarm – this requirement is specifically called out in section 4.22 of Australian Standard 3786:2014.  Beware – many cheaper alarms do not have this marking which makes them non-compliant to the standard.

If your smoke alarm complies to the Australian Standard then the date of manufacture must be printed on the rear of the alarm – take a look. Alarms should be replaced 10 years from manufacture date.

No. The interconnection is wireless and uses a radio frequency so that the alarms must be uniquely paired to one another. All alarms in one property are paired with a ‘master’ alarm, which is distinct from a ‘master’ alarm on any adjoining property.

Legislation states that if an existing 240v hardwired alarm is to be replaced, then it must be replaced with a 240v hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.

The Building Code of Australia also states that any new dwellings being constructed or being substantially renovated must have 240v hardwired photoelectric smoke alarms installed.

Some insurance providers can decline to quote your property if you don’t fulfil their underwriting criteria when it comes to fire protection. It is always recommended to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms and check with your insurance provider or insurance broker to make sure you meet the necessary requirements.