About Us

Our mission statement – to increase fire protection safety in Australian households by providing quality smoke alarms – at an affordable price.


We’re Ben and Christian Bassos, two brothers from Queensland with combined professional backgrounds in industrial safety and e-commerce. Our smoke alarm website was established in 2019 to help improve fire protection safety amongst Australian homes.

Being property owners ourselves, we wanted to find a safe, stress-free and cost effective solution to the new QLD photoelectric smoke alarm rules.

We researched several photoelectric smoke alarm manufacturers and trialed a number of different products. This process provided us with a unique insight into what makes some alarms a better (or poorer) choice than others being sold in the Australian marketplace. Wirelesss Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Australia is a result of that research. Whilst our smoke alarms may not come with the same expensive packaging or glossy brochures of other smoke alarms, we really do believe ours are the best in Australia today.

Our values in life consist of honesty, hard work, and a positive mind set – we want these values to be reflected in the way we conduct business too. We look forward to helping you protect your family and your home against the possibility of a fire.

Kind Regards
Ben and Christian Bassos.

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