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A fatal caravan fire in QLD last year has again sparked demands for a comprehensive review of Queensland’s smoke alarm laws for caravans and moveable dwellings. Emergency response teams were dispatched to the blaze in Upper Brookfield, located in the western suburbs of Brisbane, during the early hours of Saturday 20th May 2023. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered flames engulfing the van from all sides and tragically two people were discovered deceased inside the wreckage. This is not the first fatal caravan fire to occur in QLD.

ABC news story aired May 2023 – QLD smoke alarm laws have since been updated July 2024

Caravan Smoke Alarm Laws Updated In QLD

Our previous blog post published only a few months ago identified caravan smoke alarm laws for each state. At that time Queensland was one of only three states in Australia where although ‘recommended’ by the QLD Fire and Emergency Services, compulsory smoke alarms were not mandated by law in caravans, campervans and other such moveable dwellings. This has since changed with the revised QLD Fire Services Act 1990, which now legally mandates compulsory smoke alarm requirements for all QLD registered caravans and motorhomes from 1st July 2024.

As reported by Queensland’s Courier Mail newspaper;
‘Queensland Fire and Emergency Service officials are working on potential amendments to smoke alarm legislation for movable dwellings “The work is complex and requires further consultation with stakeholders,” a QFES spokesman said.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said: “We take advice from the experts on matters like this, and I have asked Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to expedite its consideration of this matter”. “QFES is preparing advice for the government about this issue,” he said. “We are always looking at ways to support community safety.”

“If there is more that can be done to support safety in relation to caravans and other mobile types of accommodation, the government will always give that careful consideration.”

Caravan fires have been a recurring concern over the years, with some distressing incidents occurring within Queensland. In 2022 a young father in Logan tragically died whilst protecting his partner and unborn child from a caravan fire which started due to a combusting e-scooter battery.
NSW laws have required that smoke alarms be installed in all new and existing moveable dwellings since 2011. The Brisbane Times magazine reported back in 2020 that a Queensland deputy coroner called for the state’s fire service to consider the mandatory installation of smoke alarms in all moveable dwellings after an army veteran died in a caravan park blaze near Lowood, west of Brisbane.

Postscript Update – New QLD Laws Introduced July 2024

Following this devastating caravan fire incident in Upper Brookfield, smoke alarms laws were updated in QLD to include caravans and motorhomes.

From 1 July 2024, all QLD registered caravans or motorhomes whose registration is commencing or being transferred must have an Australian Standard 3786:2014 compliant photoelectric smoke alarm installed on the ceiling that is compliant with Australian Standard 3786:2014. From 1 July 2027, all other registered caravans and motorhomes must have a photoelectric smoke alarm installed. The photoelectric smoke alarm must be powered by a 10-year non-removable battery. Failure to comply with the requirements is an offence with a maximum penalty of five (5) penalty units (currently $774).

Smoke Alarms In QLD Caravans – Conclusion

Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic. Heed the new caravan smoke alarm laws in Queensland. If you own a caravan, campervan or other moveable home please be pro-active and make sure you have at least one working ZEN photoelectric smoke alarm and fire blanket installed today.

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