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In every home, fire safety is a high priority. Smoke alarms have long been a key component of fire prevention, alerting us to potential dangers. However, for those of us who are hard of hearing, traditional smoke alarms may not be sufficient in ensuring safety as the alarms themselves may not be heard. Fortunately, Red smoke alarms have come to the rescue with a smart solution. They’ve introduced a strobe light and a vibrating pad (model RHIS), to make sure everyone can be alerted to fire hazards, regardless of their hearing ability.

Strobe Light And Vibrating Pad – Model RHIS

The strobe light and vibrating pad, model RHIS, is an accessory that can connect wirelessly with other Red smoke alarms and Red heat alarms. The strobe light element emits a repeated high intensity flash when the smoke alarm goes off, making sure you get an incredibly powerful visual alert. And for those who are sleeping, the vibrating pad goes under your pillow or mattress and vibrates strongly to wake you up. Watch the video below to see how the strobe light and vibrating pad functions.

Wireless Interconnection – Red Smoke Alarms

What is convenient is that the vibrating pad and strobe light can be paired wirelessly with other Red smoke alarms (and Red heat alarms too), so a comprehensive interconnected network can be created in your home. If one alarm senses smoke or heat, all the others in the network, along with the strobe light and vibrating pad, will activate simultaneously.

Plugs Into Household Power And Has A Back-Up Battery

The Red smoke alarms strobe light and vibrating pad is mains powered, so it plugs into your regular household power socket. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery backup to keep it running during temporary power outages. Just remember to replace the backup battery after five years for optimal performance.

Flexible And Easy DIY Installation

When it comes to installation, you have some flexibility. You can mount the strobe light on the wall, and it is easy to do with the included screw fixings and mounting bracket. Or, you can just place it on your bedside table or dresser. The vibrating pad goes under your pillow or inside the pillowcase, and the best part is there’s no complicated wiring involved which means it can be DIY installed.

How Much Does The Strobe Light And Vibrating Pad Cost?

The strobe light and vibrating pad, model RHIS, retails for $319.95. If you add a Red smoke alarm wireless battery powered model R10RF for $89.95, the total cost is $409.90. Red smoke alarms provide a more cost-effective solution when compared with the likes of government subsidised brands such as Brooks and Bellman, which are still more expensive by comparison. Note the strobe light and vibrating model RHIS consists of the unit only – any required Red smoke alarms or Red heat alarms are purchased separately.


In conclusion, fire safety is something we all need to take seriously, and nobody should be at a higher risk just because they are hard of hearing. By incorporating the strobe light and vibrating pad (model RHIS) and following the legal requirements for smoke alarm installation, everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities, is protected from the dangers of fire. It’s a small step toward a safer, more inclusive world where everyone can sleep soundly, knowing their homes are equipped with the best in Australian fire safety technology – thanks to Red smoke alarms!

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