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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Laws In Tasmania

In Tasmania, all homes must be fitted with a working photoelectric smoke alarm on every level. Smoke alarms must be compliant with Australian Standard 3786:2014. Smoke alarms need to be installed in every corridor or hallway associated with a bedroom, or if there is no corridor or hallway, in an area between the bedrooms and the remainder of the building. This is a requirement of the National Construction Code of Australia

Smoke Alarms In Properties Built After 1 August 1997

Homes built or substantially renovated after the 1st of August 1997 require 240V hardwired smoke alarms, and there must be at least one smoke alarm on each level.

Smoke Alarms In Properties Built After 1 May 2014

All properties built or substantially renovated after the 1st of May 2014 must have 240V hardwired smoke alarms and be interconnected, so that when one activates, they all activate.

House fire in the northern Hobart suburb of Goodwood, Tasmania

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Locations

Image courtesy of the Tasmania Fire Service

Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Regulations 2022

Smoke Alarm Duties For Tasmanian Landlords (Rental Providers):

  • Ensure smoke alarms comply with Australian Standard 3786:2014.
  • Installed as per manufacture instructions and in accordance with recommended installed locations outlined in the National Construction Code (NCC).
  • The smoke alarms a regularly maintained, cleaned, tested and operational.
  • Replace the smoke alarm every 10 years from manufacture date.
  • Replace any smoke alarm as soon as possible after being made aware it is not defective.

Smoke Alarm Duties For Tasmanian Tenants (Renters):

  • Ensure the smoke alarms are tested every at least every 6 months.
  • The smoke alarm is clean and free from dust.
  • Inform the landlord / property manager as soon as they become aware that a smoke alarm is defective.
  • Not remove or tamper with a smoke alarm.

A direct link to the Tasmanian government website is posted below if you would like to read the full legislative documents for yourself.

Tasmanian Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Regulations 2022

National Construction Code

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